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How To Set Up a Blog Site - Effective Step By Step Guide To Help You Set Up a Blog

Most people consider setting up a blog site challenging, time consuming, and confusing. The truth is, this is not the case. Today, starting and managing a blog is very easy. You do not need any design or development skills. Create your own blog in twenty minutes or less by following the guidelines below:

Step #1: Make a Decision on Exactly What You Want To Blog About

Picking a blog topic should be the primary step when starting a blog. What are you passionate about? What do you enjoy doing? Is there anything you have vast experience in? Are you into business, food, movies, politics, cars, relationships, technology etc.? All of these are great starting points to help you pick a niche. The web has numerous bloggers already. Credibility is important in attracting a substantial amount of traffic or readers to your blog. If you are unsure about a niche or topic to write about, you can blog about your hobbies, memorable moments, or daily activities.

Step #2: Make a Decision on Whether to Settle For Self-Hosted or Free Blogging Platforms

The biggest decision you will have to make when setting up a blog has to do with whether to personally host the blog or take advantage of the free blogging services available. Both of these have their pros and cons. A free blogging service means you do not have to pay anything for your blog to be up and running. However, you do not get to have a domain. Generally, you have minimal or no control over your blog. Self-hosting on the other hand brings with it a lot of freedom and flexibility. You get your own domain name. Nonetheless, you must be willing and able to part with some cash.

Step #3: Find A Web Host And Domain Name For Your Blog

Take your time to find a unique and great domain name. An excellent domain name should be easy to remember and be brandable. Avoid long domains because readers are prone to forgetting them. When looking for individuals providing domain names, only settle for reputable companies.

When it comes to finding a web host, it is advisable to obtain hosting and the domain from the same company. This saves you time and money. The truth is, very few hosting companies are reliable. Some do not offer professional services and assistance. Always opt for hosting companies that offer instant installations or "1 click installs" for Forum and/or Blogging software.

Step #4: Select A Theme

Most blogging platforms or software installations bring with them a default theme. This means that they have a design ready. If you do not like the default theme, you can always change it. Plenty of both paid and free themes exist.

Step #5: Start Blogging

After successfully completing the four steps above, it is now time to start blogging.

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